Friday, October 21, 2011

The Carol (aka an Appletini)

This Appletini was created in honor of Dr. John Dorian (aka Carol) from the late show Scrubs.  That was one funny show.  We loved it first run and continue to enjoy it in re-runs.  We hope you enjoy this Appletini!

For one (because everyone else drinking with Dr. Dorian is drinking beer)
1  ounce vodka
1  ounce Apple Pucker
1/2 ounce sweet and sour mixer
ice for shaker
lemon peel for garnish
chilled martini glass
  1. Combine the vodka, apple pucker, mixer and ice in a cocktail shaker.  Shake until the bottom of the shaker is nice and frosty. 
  2. Using strainer pour of ice into chilled glass.  Garnish with lemon peel and enjoy!
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