Monday, June 7, 2010

A Comment

This is a cooking blog or specifically a vegetarian cooking blog. I rarely get comments and I do not expect to get many comments. Once in a while someone will really like a recipe or they will want to tell me that they tried a recipe. This is great! I love this. I look forward to this happening.

About a year ago a joined a follow club on a mom blogging site. At that time I followed hundreds of blogs with the understanding that those people would follow my blog. This did not happen. I netted only dozens of followers. Over time I got nothing from this mommy blogging group so I deleted my membership in order to direct my attention more toward cooking blogs. Which has been a MUCH more rewarding experience. When I left the mommy blogging group it was with the understanding that I would be removed from all groups within the group. Apparently this was not the case.

If you are following me because I was on some list and I failed for follow you, then I am sorry. Because it would appear as though I was not removed from that follow club. I would simply remove my follow box completely, but the fact remains that some of those following this blog do so because they actually like it.

If you wish to communicate with me, please email me at or click on the large orange bell pepper icon i the right hand column of the blog. Please do not attempt to communicate with me via any other method. I do not respond well to form letters, or insipid attempts at familiarity.

To those who enjoy my blog and my recipes, they will be back tomorrow. Thanks and pardon the interruption.

Your friend the veggie mom,


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  1. It can be frustrating when people have expectations that you don't know of. I'm usually just a lurker but wanted to say Hi and although I'm technically pescatarian, I love your recipes and eat alot of vegetarian and you always have great idea's. Thanks for sharing!


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