Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men Week: A Dry Martini

In celebration of the return of Mad Men to TV this week, I have decided to share with you a week of alcohol.  I would also provide a healthy does of sexism and smoking, but those are rather intangible as far as food blogs ago. So, I'll just keep is boozy!

The recipe below is for a classic gin martini.  This adult beverage is not the faint of heart and is perfect for any temperature weather.  It should be served immediately and it is best if you make as many James Bond references as possible while drinking it.  Might I suggest you keep your James Bond references to Sean Connery and if you must stray from Mr. Connery do not stray beyond Roger Moore.  I am quite certain that references to Timothy Dalton or Daniel Craig will make you choke on your olive. 

2 ounces gin
just a smidgen of vermouth
chilled martini glass
ice for the shaker
olives to garnish
  1. Pour just a smidgen of vermouth into the prepared martini glass, swirl it around and toss it out.  Pour the gin into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until the gin is very, very cold.  Pour the gin into the prepared glass.  Garnish with olives.

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