Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well, I also knit....

Felted 20's Style Cloche shown with curious cat
Just so you know that I do not spend all my time in the kitchen, I thought I would share what else it is that I do with my time.  I suppose most of my time is spent with my children (translation: yelling at my children), but I have a strict no photos of the kids(at least not their faces)on the interwebs policy.  So, you'll have to learn to live with photos of my knitting and occasionally my cat instead.  

I learned to knit almost 5 yrs ago by taking a couple of classes through our local Adult Learning Center.  I feel very fortunate to have had access to the classes and the great ladies who taught them.  Sadly, due to budget cuts and limited registration, neither of these classes are offered anymore.  I was an absolute wreck after my first class, but unlike everyone else in the class I had never even held a pair of knitting needles before.  I spent that entire night on attempting to truly master what I had learned in the class and by the next class the teacher had me helping a new student.  

Here is the first thing I ever finished. 
Mitered square scarf

This it the most complicated thing I have ever knitted.  

Intarsia Vertical Striped Scarf

With fringe

It took me over a year to complete the above scarf.  I had never done the intarsia technique and all the wrapping took a while to figure out.  Plus you're dealing with 6 small balls of yarn while making a something like this, and keeping those bad boys from knotting up is at times a nightmare.  

This is the funnest thing I have ever made. 

Squared edge hat with super fun tassels
This is a hat I knit for the youngest Veggie Kid.  He loves nothing more than to wear this hat and shake his head so that the tassels move.  He is a great source of amusement to his older brother's classmates at school drop-off, of course, the fact that also tries to climb the water pipes on the side of the school does not hurt. 

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  1. Beautiful projects! I am keeping it simple. My first two projects were scarves. Now, I'm thinking warm weather shawl.


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