Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Veggie Kitchen is now Re-Open

We recently had some work done on our kitchen.  It started with a new refrigerator and dish washer in December and ended with new hardwood flooring in January.  Getting the appliances went off without a hitch, but the flooring was much more involved then anticipated.  First there was the choosing, the measuring, the waiting and finally, the installation.  Of course for the installation one must move the three tons of stuff one keeps on ones furniture and in ones furniture.  This took at weekend.  I must say, the installers did an amazing job, but it was a harder job than anyone anticipated.  The problem was that our floor was all cock-eyed.  We knew this as the previous owners of the house told us the floor was cock-eyed when the disclosed that they could have fixed, but decided that doing things correctly was simply not something they enjoyed.  We did not know what would be involved in correcting it.  The correction process involved sanding down the concrete sub floor in some areas and adding more concrete in other areas.  This was a dusty and stinky process and I am eternally grateful that the installers from Carpet One did it for me. 

I had hoped that I would able to take this time with the kitchen closed to upload photos and update the blog.  Unfortunately it was too noisy and dusty in here for kids or me.  And let's face it, we would have just been in the way.  So we spent most of out time at parks, or in the car or at the Lego play place. 


After:  Please note the lovely new flooring, Fridge and dishwasher.  The stovetop and oven are still holding steedy, but one day I will replace it with an all black version. 

Now I have to decide what to do about the cabinets.  They are looking pretty this 80's House with the granite countertop and those new floors.  What to ya'll think?  We will reface them, but what would work better: the painted look or a stained look??? 

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