Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eggplant: The Confession

Dear Veggie Lover,

Now is the time for the Veggie Mom to confess.  I hate eggplant.  That is right, I hate eggplant.  It is my shameful secret as a vegetarian food blogger.  Because of this strong dislike, I have zero eggplant recipes on my blog and I feel that I need some.  I could find some, but the Veggie Dad does not like eggplant either, so there would be no one to eat the meal.

So, it is with toque in hand that I ask for your help.  I would love to have some eggplant recipes to share with my readers.  So, I am asking if you can help me out.  I would love to include your recipe on my blog.  I require only that you love it and that you have a picture of the finished product. 

This is not a contest, and you won't get anything but my love and many mentions of your blog, if you have one. 

So, help a Eggplant hater out and send my your favorite eggplant recipes. 

The Veggie Mom


  1. I love eggplant (or aubergine as we call it over in the UK!). This dip recipe doesn't taste like eggplant at all, so you might like it:

  2. I am a HUGE eggplant fan and have a number of eggplant recipes on my blog, including one I published yesterday. for eggplant cacciatore for Israeli Eggplant Stew Eggplant etouffe


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