Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Slow-Cooker Smokey Bean Soup

This is what became of the beans left over from yesterday's recipe.  They started as a side dish and ended in their intended dish, almost.  I intended to make a Greek soup, but when I got down into the recipe it called for 1 cup of olive oil.  I know that olive oil is good for you, but I just could not imaging using that much in a soup.  So I became time to improvise.  Wine, I thought.  I'll put some white wine in the soup, that will add a nice flavor.  Then I remember that we had drank the white wine on one of those hot Indian Summer nights (shakes fist at crisp delicious chilled white wine, and how it tempted me).  Again, back to the drawing board I went.  The only soup I could think of making with Navy Beans was Bean and Bacon soup, but obviously that is NOT going to fly on the vegetarian webpage.  I am about to give up when it hits me: LIQUID SMOKE!  The rest is delicious history. 

4 cups Navy Beans, with residual liquid, tomatoes, and carrots from recipe posted yesterday
1-2 cups water to bring total liquid amount to the top of the slow cooker
1 teaspoon liquid smoke
  1. Combine the above ingredients in the crock of a slow cooker and cook on low for 5 hours. 
  2. Serve warm and enjoy!

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