Thursday, September 8, 2011

Natural Peanut Butter Handling Tip

Many people love the flavor of natural peanut butter, but they cannot stand the way that is separates. You know what I am talking about. That layer of oil that is always on top that you have to mix into the solid peanut butter below. If you don't mix it together properly you either had oily peanut butter or at the end of the jar you have a rock hard peanut butter.

So this is what I do to avoid this issues. I first take the top off the jar and remove the safety seal. Sorry, I did not get a photos of this step.

Then you put the lid back on as tightly as you can and you turn the jar over. Come back later and turn it back right side up. Do this as often as you like. I leave the jar in the area where I prepare most our meal and turn it when I am over there.

Check it every so often until you see a well mixed together peanut butter. This works every time and I love letting gravity do most of the work for me!

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