Monday, September 20, 2010

Voting starts today for Project Food Blog

My first entry in the Project Food Blog ran on Friday. If you have not taken a look at it, please do so now. Today is the first day to start voting on the first entry. Below is a excerpt from a twitter Q&A session about the contest. I think it summarizes the voting process better than I could. I have highlighted in red the section that pertains to most of my readers. If you are a reader of my blog, and you want to vote for me you may do so, but your vote counts towards the Reader's Choice Award only. Unless of course you are a reader of my blog who happens to be a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher who is not participating in Project Food Blog. If you happen to be on to those magical creatures your vote counts toward whether or not I move on to the next round.

Click on the vote for me tab in my Project Food Blog Banner in the left hand corner of my blog. It is directly under the Let's Connect section with the Twitter, and Facebook buttons. Please take a minute to vote. Thanks!

Excerpt from a twitter Q&A session about the contest
For every challenge, each entry receives a score that determines whether or not the blogger will move on to the next round. 50% of that score is determined by three expert judges (Dana Cowin, Nancy Silverton, and Pim Techamuanvivit). The other 50% of that score is determined by Featured Publishers. The score is confidential and cannot be seen by contestants, judges, or voters.

The general public (anyone, with or without a food blog) can also vote, but their votes are tabulated only toward the readers' choice: the one entry with the most votes from the general public. The reward for readers' choice is automatic advancement to the next round, although there is no readers' choice for the final round. To prevent ballot stuffing and to abide by legal requirements, the general public must register with Foodbuzz to vote.

All voters (judges, Featured Publishers, and general public) have a set number of votes to cast per challenge. The number of votes is determined by the number of entrants that will advance. For example, 100 contestants will compete in Challenge #4: Picture Perfect. However, only 72 entrants will advance. This means that the voters will only be allowed to cast 72 votes for this round. You can only vote on an entry once, and you can vote for yourself.

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