Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips for Making a Dish Vegan

Let's be clear by Vegan, I mean not animal products or by-products. So, no cheese, no milk and no egg. Now, my husband is a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian or a Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian...whichever floats your boat. So, he does consume milk products and things with eggs in them. While most of my recipes are meant for him, I can make a vegan meal and I do try to indicate which recipes are vegan. Please see my labels off to the right hand side of the blog for vegan recipes.

Here are some tips for making a one of my dishes Vegan.
  • Substitute margarine or vegan margarine for unsalted butter. This would be a one to one correspondence. However, keep in mind that regular margarine may not be completely animal product or dairy free so check your labels. When in doubt get vegan margarine. Also please remember that you may need to vary your cooking times when sauteing vegetables as margarine is more likely to burn.
  • Substitute soy milk for regular milk. Use the non-flavored soy milk or you might end up with a mighty funky gravy.
  • Substitute a vegan cheese made with soy milk for regular cheese. There may be a variation with melting, but you should be okay on taste.

I am still researching egg substitutes and I will post those as soon as I have some good ideas. I hope this helps those trying to vary my recipes to meet a vegan diet. Please contact me at my email button to the left if you have any additional tips for me!

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